Selection Aids and Configurators for your Robotics Application

With our selection guide for robotic applications you can quickly and easily find the right gripper sets for your cobots and lightweight robots:

Product recommendation

This selection guide guides you step by step through your application and then gives you a product recommendation. An overview shows you which products are particularly suitable for your application.

Additive manufactured lightweight gripper for use on lightweight robots and robots for automated handling. Configure your gripper with just a few clicks.



Configurator for End Effectors VEE

Use the VEE configurator to intuitively configure the vacuum end effector that is individually suitable for your application with a load capacity of up to 2 kg.

Please register in the Schmalz Webshop to access the configurator.



Selection Aid Vacuum Suction Cups

Find the right vacuum suction cup for your vacuum system based on key properties such as size, suction material or industry.