Vacuum Gripping Systems for Automation

Vacuum gripping system

For automated processes, Schmalz offers gripper systems for end-of-arm robot tooling that are ready to connect. Gripper systems are individually designed for the application乐虎体育官网 at hand. Gripper systems are essential for efficiency and reliability in nearly all industries.

Construction of vacuum systems:

The vacuum system and its components

乐虎体育官网Schmalz's complex vacuum gripping systems let you implement decisive productivity increases during automated processes. The systems range from layer and vacuum area gripping systems to ready-to-install vacuum suction spiders for use in all areas of automation.



Vacuum Layer Gripping System SPZ

  • High-performance palletizers for warehousing and intralogistics

Vacuum Suction Spider SSP

  • Custom made end-of-arm-toolings

Area Gripping Systems and End Effectors

  • Universal area gripping systems
  • Modular system for end effectors
  • Ready to connect to a huge range of robot applications

Schmalz Test Center

We support you throughout the project planning and design of your vacuum system. You give us a task, and we perform it – quickly, competently and reliably. To do this, we design the complete system tailored to your individual requirements and build it from our range of vacuum components and gripping systems.

Functional Testing of Complete Systems

乐虎体育官网 Part of the project planning for complete systems involves conducting trials with original workpieces. This ensures excellent performance and a high degree of safety. In order to carry out the tests under conditions that are as realistic as possible, Schmalz has its own test center at its headquarters in Glatten, Germany. Using original workpieces, our team at the test center is able to identify possible weak points immediately and determine suitable solutions. We are therefore able to guarantee that our systems operate smoothly and can be integrated into your processes with ease.

Practical Examples of Vacuum Gripping Systems

Vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz are used in a wide variety of industries to ensure efficient material flows. Through our many years of experience and our close relationships with our customers we understand your processes, which allows us to produce products to meet the highest standards. Gripper Systems make picking, palletizing and depalletizing more efficient and, for example, are used to link robots in press lines.

See our vacuum gripping systems in action