Special Grippers

Special grippers can be used for applications in which regular suction pads cannot generate a vacuum. Schmalz offers a variety of special grippers with various shapes, sizes and principles of operation.

Floating suction cup

  • Gripping using the Bernoulli principle
  • Low-contact handling of thin and sensitive workpieces
  • Elastomer cushion for absorbing shear forces

Magnetic gripper

  • Magnetic gripping
  • Handling of ferromagnetic workpieces

Needle gripper

  • Gripping through the insertion of needles
  • Handling of workpieces that are difficult to pick up using suction
  • Handling of porous materials

Wafer gripper

  • Grippers for gentle handling of wafers and cells
  • Integrated vacuum generation
  • Maximum process reliability

Flow Grippers

  • Gentle handling of extremely thin plastic films and porous materials
  • Handling of thin glass, blank and assembled printed circuit boards and dry food products
  • Integrated vacuum generation

Thin Glass Grippers

  • Gently grip the thinnest glass
  • Extremely dynamic and contamination-free handling
  • Integrated vacuum generation or connection for external vacuum generation

Feed Ejectors

  • Suction rate up to 8,640 l/min
  • Diameter 6 to 75 mm

Lifting vacuum unit

  • Aluminum housing with integrated lifting cylinder
  • Connection thread for vacuum grippers M5 and G1/8"