JumboFlex High-Stack

Optimal use of Space in Storage Areas and by Transport Devices

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乐虎体育官网We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

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  • Ideal for stacking cardboard boxes and bags in the optimum ergonomic range up to a stacking height of 255 cm
  • Ergonomic movement of compact goods up to 50 kg at high cycle frequencies
  • Ergonomic movement of various goods to ensure efficient material flows, e.g. in intralogistics applications
  • Workpieces near floor height can be handled while maintaining upright posture

  • Lifting unit (1) with sturdy lifting tube and integrated
    乐虎体育官网rotary union for continuous rotation of the tube lifter

  • Vacuum generation by means of an electric pump

  • Extended ergonomic one-handed control handle (2) with
    乐虎体育官网guide bars and a safety feature for releasing the workpiece

  • Continuously rotatable vacuum grippers (3) that can be
    乐虎体育官网replaced without tools for a wide range of workpieces

JumboFlex High-Stack

乐虎体育官网Lift and lower transport materials without back strain

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