Benefits Provided by the Employer to Acquire New Employees and Enhance Employee Loyality

Schmalz provides its employees with all-around support. LIFE+乐虎体育官网 is a comprehensive benefits package that addresses all areas of employees’ lives – so everyone has the possibility to participate and benefit.

Finances & Security

乐虎体育官网In addition to job security, employees at Schmalz benefit from an innovative pay program that includes bonuses for team and company successes, profit sharing, and a pension plan that goes well beyond the legally prescribed benefits.

Health & Wellness

Modern, well-lit workplaces and a recreation area on the company grounds help to promote health and wellness. In addition to numerous sports and health courses, Schmalz has also set up a massage room, where employees can be treated by qualified physical therapists. To ensure their spiritual well-being, emplo - yees can draw on the services of experienced life counselors, which are provided free of charge and on an anonymous basis.

Future Prospects & Education

In terms of career prospects, the company offers a number of programs for the development of junior employees and managers. Alternate career paths were also introduced in the area of functional and project management. In order to enable employees to pursue advanced training while continuing to work, the Schmalz Academy, the company’s in-house training center, offers more than 200 courses in a wide range of subject areas.

Family & Leisure Time

乐虎体育官网The company encourages a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible working hours and the Schmalz Kinderwelt, a day care center for small children which is located close to the company. A wide range of hobby and recreational classes, company parties with the entire family, and team events within the departments help to promote a feeling of unity among colleagues.

Satisfied Employees

Schmalz is growing continuously. The company offers first class-conditions, which is proven by a low employee turnover for years, among other things.

Employees 2011-2015

乐虎体育官网The fact that Schmalz is a growing company is made clear by both the rising sales figures and the increasing number of employees.

Employee turnover 2011-2015

Excellent working conditions and extraordinary benefits such as profit sharing or retirement plan not only increase the motivation of employees but are also reason for a low employee turnover.

Status of employee's illness 2011 - 2015

Schmalz supports the physical and mental health of its employees with a variety of measures. Together with ergonomically designed workplaces that lead to a significantly lower number of ill employees compared with the mechanical engineering industry. 

Training for Securing Junior Staff

Schmalz Trainees at the Career Information Day

Apprenticeship and Studies

乐虎体育官网Training for young people is an important part of employee development at Schmalz. The company currently has 20 cooperative education students and an additional 62 apprentices in technical and commercial professions. This is a training rate of approximately 13% of all of the permanent staff at the headquarters in Glatten, which is far above the German national average. Schmalz trains the young people with the objective of employing them once their training is complete. Out of all the current employees, 20% have received their training at Schmalz.

Partnership with Schools

To ensure that there is a pool of well-educated employees in the future, it is important to awaken the interest of young people for apprenticeships or cooperative education programs in the company at an early age. For this reason, Schmalz visits schools in the region on a regular basis to inform them about the possibilities at Schmalz. There are a number of official, permanent partnerships with different schools. For example, Schmalz is involved in a Student-Engineer-Academy-Project with the Technical Secondary School in Freudenstadt.

乐虎体育官网Each year Schmalz opens its doors for the career information day. This is where interested young people can get a look at the company and the operational processes during training. As a co-founder of the ”jugend-technik-schule”, a technical education program for children in the Freudenstadt district, Schmalz offers various courses in the field of vacuum technology. Through trainees and pedagogically trained supervisors children and adolescents get a look at the technical professional world in a playful manner. In the Glatten kindergarten, Schmalz also supports the ”Technolino” project, which is intended to introduce children to technology and natural sciences at an early age.

Training Initiative

In 2006, Schmalz began a training initiative for the district of Freudenstadt (). Along with special education centers, vocational schools, and companies from the region, Schmalz offers training positions for a career as precision metalworker. The content of the training is specially geared towards the needs of young people with learning disabilities and is accompanied by additional measures that are performed alongside the apprenticeship.