At Schmalz, exceptional commitment to social and ecological issues is consistent with their primary economic objectives. Economic efficiency, in the financial sense, is therefore a primary factor in our decision-making process. While some companies have to focus on turning a profit within the next quarter, Schmalz is planning and calculating for the long-term – for sustainability.

Family Business and Self-Reliance

乐虎体育官网Schmalz is a medium sized family business that is already managed by the third generation of the owner family – the long-term future of the company has top priority. The owners set great store by a high degree of innovation, a maximum freedom of scope and self-reliance of the company. The basis for all this is stable profitability and high equity capital adequacy.

Active Knowledge Management and Open Communication

Schmalz convinces its customers with high consulting expertise and decades of experience in the field of vacuum technology – both nationally and internationally. Beyond borders, the company relies on active knowledge management and a structured exchange of experience within the group of companies: with globally net worked IT systems, its own training academy and continuous communication in national and international trade and project teams. Also, open communication is very important: Monthly, the company informs through its staff magazine about the objectives and current figures and measures derived from them. The intranet is the central platform for the exchange of employees worldwide.

Technology and Innovation

乐虎体育官网Ensuring a long-term leading role in a technologically demanding market calls for creativity and innovation as well as for the use of the latest technologies and the courage to blaze new trails. Schmalz invests 8.5% of its annual turnover in research and development, more than 80 employees work in this department. In addition Schmalz is involved in a great network of universities and institutes. Approximately 450 granted property rights and a large number of new registrations each year argue for themselves.

Since entering into vacuum technology in 1984, the company has been a driving force in the design of automation, handling, and clamping technology. Schmalz provides solutions which represent energy efficiency, technological progress and premium quality. As a trendsetter, Schmalz has succeeded repeatedly in identifying trends at an early stage, has come up with market-driven innovations and set the standards. This means that, today, the company already offers a broad range of products for the networked intelligent factory of tomorrow. Schmalz has responded to the trend of ergonomic handling of loads with his versatilely usable vacuum lifters.

Variety of Industries and Growth Markets

乐虎体育官网In almost all industries Schmalz products are used. The company therefore is active in a variety of industries – and therefore less vulnerable to cyclical fluctuations in individual markets. This creates stability and provides a solid base for investment in the further development of the company. International growing industries are the focus of Schmalz. Industries such as wind power, packaging, logistics, battery and automobile production, offer much potential for further sales growth. The objective: Schmalz wants to further expand its leading role as a global supplier of vacuum technology.

Internationality and Customer Focus

Customers all around the world rely on vacuum technology from Schmalz. A strong customer focus and excellent quality of service therefore have top priority at Schmalz. With a network of 20 own companies and trading partners in more than 80 other countries Schmalz ensures customer focus through personal advice and excellent service worldwide.

Suppliers and Partners

乐虎体育官网With its suppliers and partners, Schmalz relies on partnerships that are based on trust: Important suppliers are allowed to view the company’s inventories. If the stock level drops below the specified minimum quantity, the supplier delivers more supplies. This means that Schmalz only stocks the resources that are currently needed. At the same time the suppliers can adjust their own production accordingly. This greatly reduces cyclical fluctuations in workload along the value chain, while increasing predictability and investment security for systems and facilities.

Organization according to Value Creation Processes

Flat hierarchies and the clear focus of the organizational structure according to value creation processes enable short distances and efficient workflows at Schmalz. This creates flexibility and responsiveness – and therefore employees and customers benefit alike.

Value Creation and Continuous Improvement

Number of suggestions for improvement per 100 employees 2011-2015

乐虎体育官网In order to stay competitive on-location, the company relies on streamlined process flows. Here, the Schmalz Value Creation System forms the base for the design of efficient processes. The employee suggestion system is a vital component of the Schmalz Value Creation System. All employees can participate by submitting their own suggestions on how to improve work processes or products. On average, each Schmalz employee in Germany submitted about eleven suggestions in 2015 alone. The enthusiastic participation of the employees helps to increase productivity and ensures the competitiveness of the company over the long term.