CO2-neutral Production

CO2-neutral Production

乐虎体育官网 As a manufacturing company, Schmalz is pursuing a clear goal of keeping limited the environmental impact of its business activities as much as possible. The company is especially interested in minimizing its own carbon footprint.

Schmalz is setting standards in this area for the manufacturing industry. By using energy from renewable internal and external power supplies, a large percentage of the energy consumed remains carbonneutral. The supplementary fuels and heating oil emitted a total of 683 metric tons of CO2 in 2015; however at the same time, the wind and photovoltaic energy that the company fed into the grid prevented 2,273 metric tons of CO2 emissions, which would otherwise have been caused by conventional generation of electricity.

乐虎体育官网 In 2015, Schmalz had a positive CO2 balance and prevented a total of 1,590 metric tons of the harmful greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere.

CO2-balance 2015

Schmalz’s CO2 balance is based on the limits established in the Greenhouse Gas

乐虎体育官网 Schmalz’s CO2 balance is based on the limits established in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. All influencing factors as prescribed in Scope 1: ”All direct greenhouse gas emissions” and Scope 2: ”Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from consumption of purchased electricity, heat or steam”, are currently being implemented. For the coming years, Schmalz plans on expanding the CO2 balance limits to include Scope 3: ”All other indirect emissions along the value chain (including operation and disposal of products)”.