Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Third Generation

We think long-term and not just quarter by quarter. Economic success, ecological responsibility and social commitment are closely interwoven at Schmalz. These values play a central role in our strategy – we bundle our activities in the Schmalz ecoSYSTEM.

Our drive for economic success forms the basis of our business. Since 1984, and therefore for over thirty years, we have been making an impact on the latest technology on the vacuum technology market. We want to go for efficient handling of products with vacuum, offer innovative solutions and impress our customers in order to further develop our leading position in the global competition. This ensures the long-term stability and independence necessary to practice sustainable entrepreneurship.

乐虎体育官网Currently, we are generating almost as much electricity and heat with re new able energy sources than the company consumes. Supplemented by resource-efficient production processes, Schmalz has a positive CO2 balance and as a result helps to sustainably reduce environmental impact. Our customers benefit from our commitment because the focus lies on a high level of efficiency and optimum energy consumption also with our products. In 2015, we were presented with a German industry award for “Best innovation system”; strong evidence that we continue to innovate and do not rely only on past successes.

Social aspects are also important to us at Schmalz. We offer our employees a secure future and an up-to-date benefits package that covers all areas of live. At the beginning of 2015 we were awarded again as one of Germany’s Best Employers. We continuously invest in training opportunities for young people and work closely with schools, associations and social institutions.

The motivation for our business philosophy goes well beyond simply complying with legal standards, or securing competitive advantages. It is marked by the ethical and moral obligation to reduce the environmental footprint we as a company leave behind as far as possible. At the same time, it is a testimony to our willingness to accept our responsibility to future generations.

Schmalz shows how a production company can be explicitly run in a sustainable manner and how numerous innovative ideas can be put into practice. We want to inspire others too; take part and take action!

Dr. Kurt Schmalz
Managing Directors

乐虎体育官网Andreas Beutel

ecoSYSTEM by Schmalz

Schmalz views sustainability as an integral system comprising economic success, ecological responsibility and social commitment. Numerous sustainability measures have been combined to develop the Schmalz ecoSYSTEM. ecoSYSTEM encompasses long-term stability, resource-efficient products and processes and stands for fairness towards customers, employees, suppliers and society.


乐虎体育官网Schmalz builds its ecological and social commitment on the foundation of its economic success.



Ecology and conservation of resources

乐虎体育官网Awareness of an ecologically sustainable lifestyle has been firmly anchored in the company strategy for over three generations.



Social commitment

As a socially committed employer, Schmalz supports its employees and society in a multitude of ways.