JumboFlex: New Operator Handles with Unique Functions

By introducing three new operator handles, Schmalz is expanding its modular system for the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex. Depending on the design, the new control handles can increase safety, simplify or accelerate the handling process. Users can now choose from the JumboFlex Safety+, JumboFlex Easy-Release and JumboFlex Quick-Release.

Each providing specialist support: The new operator handles JumboFlex Safety+, JumboFlex Easy-Release and JumboFlex Quick-Release from Schmalz.
Ergonomic and extra safe handling of delicate workpieces with the JumboFlex Safety+ operator handle.

乐虎体育官网The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex from J. Schmalz GmbH makes numerous handling tasks more ergonomic and productive. Users can raise, lower and release the load intuitively using the proven concept of central one-finger control. With three new operator handles, Schmalz now offers enhanced functions for depositing the load. This enables the vacuum expert to respond to specific customer requirements.

When creating the operator handle JumboFlex Safety+, the designers focused on optimum safety. If the user wants to release the workpiece from the vacuum tube lifter, he has to use both hands to operate an additional release lever and the control button at the same time. The two-hand concept protects particularly delicate workpieces when they are released. Disabled users can also work safely with the JumboFlex Safety+. The option to adjust the lowering speed directly on the handle using a screw provides additional protection. The Flex Safety+ is designed to accommodate all lift capacity ranges of the JumboFlex (20, 35 and 50 kilograms).

The new JumboFlex Easy-Release control system also has an additional release lever, however its function and operation are entirely different. As soon as the user presses the control button and auxiliary lever, the residual vacuum is reduced. This makes it much easier to set down the load, especially when handling airtight objects or when using large suction cups. In order to prevent the release lever from being actuated unintentionally and the residual vacuum being reduced prematurely, the lever remains locked until the control button is fully depressed. In contrast to the JumboFlex Safety+, the user can carry out the handling process with one hand. This leaves the second hand free to align the vacuum-gripped load.

Whereas the Flex Easy-Release is designed to be locked in place, the opposite is true of the JumboFlex Quick-Release: The load can be released from any height. With this product, the aim is to shorten the cycle time when robust workpieces need to be handled particularly quickly — for example in the baggage handling department at the airport. A second control element releases the goods immediately. Like the JumboFlex Easy-Release, the release lever is attached to the operator handle. However, the release lever is not locked in position. The operator can actuate the lever at any lifting height.

Both the Easy-Release and Quick-Release products are only designed to accommodate the largest JumboFlex configuration with a lift capacity of 50 kilograms. As always, different suction cups can be used for different workpieces and the standard quick-change adapter makes the replacement process particularly quick and easy.