As the world’s leading provider of vacuum technology, Schmalz has very high standards for the quality, functionality and efficiency of its products. Schmalz is always at the cutting edge, systematically developing its products using innovative technologies and first-class materials.  

乐虎体育官网For this reason, Schmalz’ central worldwide purchasing department must always procure the necessary materials for a balanced price/performance ratio and pass on our high standards for quality to our suppliers. A cooperative partnership is essential for Schmalz. At the same time, we expect that our suppliers

  • Deliver the right quantities on time
  • Meet our high standards for quality
  • Offer their services at standard terms for the global market
  • Support our development processes by sharing their expertise with us
  • Handle internal information confidentially
  • Respond to special requirements
  • Are interested in a fair, long-term business partnership

Required Products

Reliable suppliers are a key part of the success of J.Schmalz GmbH.

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Requirements for Suppliers

A good working relationship with suppliers is of the utmost importance to Schmalz. At the same time, Schmalz has high standards for quality, delivery reliability, process flows and costs. 

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Download Center

乐虎体育官网Read our purchasing conditions or download other important documents for suppliers here. 

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Supplier Portal

Our supplier portal enables selected suppliers to check the stocks of their products and see which are needed. 

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